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The Abby Plan (Monthly)

The Abby Plan (Monthly)


$350/monthly + $75 one-time setup fee


The Abby Plan includes the following:


  • 3 posts/week

We post a mixture of your work content and our fillers 3 times a week.


  • Content creation

We design fillers according to your branding scheme with content based on your specific business industry.


  • Reel editing

We edit your raw videos into a reel and add current trending Instagram audios when we post them. Reels are considered a post in your plan.


  • Content scheduling (IG & FB)

We schedule your content 3 times a week and share it to Facebook if your accounts are connected. 


  • Caption creation & optimization

We caption your content with our marketing strategies to help entice more engagement from your followers.


  • Hashtag groups creation & optimization

We create customized hashtag groups according to each post's topic and your business' location.


  • Increased post likes & comments


  • Increased reach, impressions, & follows


  • Story reposts (2x/day, M-F)

We repost relevant content twice a day (Monday to Friday) to your stories.


  • Mon-Sat support

Support is available through iMessage (text), WhatsApp, or email.

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