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"You can't skip marketing and expect to get clients!" 

We are a design and social media marketing creative agency committed to delivering innovative and creative design solutions by making our client visions come to life. We work with passionate entrepreneurs looking for online style guidance and are ready to take their business to the next level. We draw from our years of expertise in Web & Graphic Design, Video Editing, and Social Media to help our clients develop a brand identity that is not only unique, but one that they'll love!

Our team is filled with creative, driven, and passionate individuals who are dedicated to satisfying our clientele with our unique design approaches! Using our 5+ years of experience with website design, graphic design, social media, and customer service, we're here to turn your vision into an online reality.


Kayley Lauren

Founder of Lauren Design Co.

Lead IG Manager | GPX & Web Designer | Video Editor 

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About Our Founder

Hello! I'm Kayley, founder of Lauren Design Co. and here's a little bit about me:


I got into this business by falling in love with YouTube and expanding on different opportunities with social media from there. I started off with beauty tutorials and creating daily vlogs with my boyfriend as a hobby for us to do together. When we quickly realized we could make money from our videos, we began to take the platform more seriously. I learned the ins & outs of video editing & graphic design with the goal to make our channel more appealing for new subscribers. Then, I started to expand and grow my Instagram in hopes of gaining a bigger YouTube following. I did extensive research on the best ways to organically grow my Instagram profile and stayed consistent with my postings & activity.

My Instagram account started to catch attention from local businesses and brands and I was able to partake in many amazing opportunities because of this. Companies started to offer free products and compensation in exchange for a shoutout on my Instagram page, and others started to ask for my advice on how they could do the same. This gave me the idea to start Lauren Design Co., a business designed to help clients grow their socials and to help them create a brand that they love.I’ve been working in marketing for over 5 years now thanks to my great passion for design and my incredible clients. I love using my creativity to help my clients reach a larger audience and spread their brand identity across different platforms through content creation and different branding strategies that I’ve honed over the years with my team.

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