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Lauren Design Co. is a worldwide digital marketing centre committed to delivering innovative and creative solutions by making client visions come to life. We work with passionate entrepreneurs, service-based businesses, and realtors looking for online guidance. Our services are equipped to help our clients build their brands, expand their reach, and drive business growth through social media management, brand design, video editing, 1-on-1 coaching, and more.

Our team is filled with creative, driven, and passionate individuals who are dedicated to satisfying our clientele. Our years of experience with site design, graphic design, and social media have molded us into providing quick, efficient, and high-converting resutts.

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Hi! I'm Kayley Lauren, A savvy marketing specialist who founded Lauren Design Co. I've helped hundreds and hundreds of clients and businesses all around the world with their digital marketing, brand styling, and helping them manage their socials.


I began working as a video closed captioner at Rev for over 2 years, and started posting videos on YouTube creating beauty tutorials and vlogging about my life while moving out at an early age. I was quickly able to earn a monthly income through YouTube, and have since accumulated over 600K views to date on my personal channel. With only 4,000 Instagram followers at the time, I was working with all different types of beauty brands and attending photoshoots weekly by leveraging my social platforms. I've since then partnered with dozens of brands and businesses in both Canada and the US and have earned thousands and thousands of dollars solely as an influencer. Others began asking for my advice on how they could do the same with their social platforms, and this gave me the idea to start Lauren Design Co.; a business designed to help clients grow their socials and to help them create a brand that they love.


Through consistent social activity, content strategies, and my pristine work ethic, I've been able to help clients increase their social followings by creating and posting high converting social media content for their businesses. I love using my creativity to help my clients reach a larger audience through different branding strategies that I've honed over the years with my team, and we can't wait to do the same with yours!

Meet The Team

Trusted by hundreds & hundreds of
Businesses, PMU Artists, and Realtors around the world.


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