Graphic Design

Offering computerized and hand-drawn graphic design services


Our graphic design services start at only $75!

  • Custom logos, labels, posters, and more.

Custom playing cards designed by Lauren Design

Create a brand that stands out.

Logo design is a principal stage when creating a corporate identity for your company/brand as it is the core of your business. A well-designed logo should be visually appealing and should allow customers to easily identify your company amongst competitors.


Logo design begins with creating a concept, a general idea that is closely related to your brand. We’ll discuss symbolism and concepts that you feel best reflect your brand’s character. We’ll brainstorm font styles, color themes, and emotions that you’d like consumers to feel when identifying your brand.


During the creation of your brand/corporate identity, it’s important to have a clear structure within your branding. For example, the font styles and theme colors incorporated in your logo should be correspondent to your brand’s website, merchandise, etc.


We start the process with your brand’s base: the logo, font, and colour scheme. We offer multiple different logo samples for you to look at in the first draft. From there, we take your feedback into consideration when drafting the next samples. Once a design has been approved, we adjust the logo to your polishing specifications and make it look perfect!