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The Business Basics Package

The Business Basics Package

  • Basic logo design

  • 8-12 designs to choose from

  • High resolution PNG, JPG, & vector files

  • Logo backgrounds: black, white, transparent

  • Primary & secondary logo

  • Design mockup


Our logo design process comes with 3 drafts:


DRAFT 1: 8-12 designs to choose from

DRAFT 2: View your favorite concepts from draft 1

in various colors/patterns/variations/adjustments

DRAFT 3: Polishes, final touches, final adjustments


  • Includes .jpg, .pdf, png (transparent), & vector files of final design
  • Includes submark variation of final design
  • Includes simple animation of final design


1 revision is included with this bundle on top of the 3 draft process. Any additional revisions may require an extra charge which will be invoiced via Paypal to the provided email in the questionnaire.


Delivery can be expected to the email provided in the questionnaire within 5-10 business days AFTER receiving the questionnaire.



✓ PDF with setup instructions and a link to a design questionnaire that we'll use as a reference when designing your first draft of logos.

✓ All drafts will be delivered to the email provided in the questionnaire (PNG images, 1080px x 1920px) Please ensure you're providing the correct email.

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