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How to Write a Newsletter That Gets Clicks

According to Litmus, 41.5% of brands say email marketing is essential to business success, and about 99% of users say they check their inboxes every day. Some even check their email up to 20 times a day. Email newsletters let you communicate with your audience, generate qualified leads, increase traffic to your site, and improve sales. Read on to learn how to write email newsletters that actually get read.

Write an Effective Newsletter

Creating an enticing email subject line is the first step in attracting users to read your newsletter. The right words make your email stand out from the rest. Your subject line must pique the user's interest and should be relevant to ensure it gets clicked. Consider the audience's pain points and motivations to create a clever and interest-inducing email subject line.

When crafting the email, determine your newsletter's goals. Are you looking for more subscribers, or do you want to increase website traffic? To make a strong first impression, get to the point and personalize the email as much as possible. Keep it short, and don't forget to add an effective call to action.

Add an Animated GIF

Adding GIFs to your newsletter communicates an element of humor or surprise, and it's quite effective at driving email engagement. Along with adding personality and flair to your newsletter, the GIF can grab the reader's attention and make them highly likely to read your entire newsletter. You can transform videos into GIFs by using a video to gif converter, a tool that allows you to trim the video to share the exact moment you'd like to capture in the GIF.

In addition to using a video-to-GIF maker, other tools can help you create an engaging and attractive email newsletter. You can use templates for creating infographics and graphs. There are also tools that let you create email newsletters with its drag-and-drop email editor, and you can personalize the newsletter to fit your brand's voice.

Incorporate Data Visualization

Data visualization is the process of converting large amounts of raw data into something easily understood. Some examples include graphs, charts, tables, maps, and infographics. Incorporate data visualization in your email newsletters to tell better stories and speed up the reader's decision-making process. Use colors and patterns so that your readers can quickly see trends.

Work With the Right Professionals

A good writer can help you create a well-crafted newsletter for your business. You might want to also hire a designer if you're planning to include graphics in the email. Hire professionals via a recruiting agency, or use platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer to help you find the most qualified professional to get the job done.

Crafting a good email subject line, keeping the copy simple, using GIFs, working with the right professionals, and incorporating data visualization are all essential to creating an effective email newsletter. Use the guide above to ensure your email gets clicked and read by users. Contact Lauren Design for professional help with graphic design.


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