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Essential Requirements for Web-Based Projects

When your business is tackling web-based projects, it’s important to plan ahead, identify your technological/personnel requirements, and budget for these accordingly. In this article, we’ll explore some of the typical company prerequisites you’ll need to bring on board if you want to succeed in your digital ventures.


If you’re looking to hit company goals on a new project, it’s important to first utilize and integrate the latest tech solutions. The right items of software will help you to save money and improve efficiency.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Now a staple for any sales-based or marketing-focused online business, a CRM program helps you to track and study large amounts of information about your users or customers. Using this central database, you can generate insights and create actions to ensure you’re capitalizing on leads.

  • Accountancy: Especially for smaller businesses, it’s easy for expenses to run away from you on a project, and if you want to keep within budget, you’ll be required to track spending. Accounting software can automate a lot of this work and provide a transparent, clear framework to ensure you hit financial targets.

  • Social Media Management: Almost all web-based projects involve some element of social media management. Fortunately, there is a wide range of programs that can simplify this process, allowing you to track, analyze and post on multiple social channels from a single dashboard. Lauren Design Co. also makes social media a breeze for your business with their variety of monthly social management plans.


As the digital world grows in sophistication, so do our requirements for smart, experienced personnel. If you want to do right by your client, it’s important to bring in the best available talent.

  • Graphic designers: High-quality design experts are imperative for website development, content campaigns, rebranding, and more - when it comes to aesthetics, avoid shortcuts and hire a creative agency with acclamation and experience in a wide range of industries.

  • Developers: Whether you’re looking to build an app, code a website, or design software, developers will prove an essential component of your team (and can vary quite drastically in ability). To find the best talent, it’s often worth going to the community spaces where developers hang out, such as Stack Overflow or GitHub.

  • Copywriters: Often overlooked but crucial for success in the digital space, copywriters can help to establish brand voice, build a lexicon and improve user comprehension. Just be sure to seek out a writer with prior experience in your industry.

Additional Resources

In addition to the basic software and personnel requirements, you may find your web-based project has other less obvious considerations to bear in mind.

  • File sending: When you’re collaborating with agencies or sharing responsibilities across departments, clear file-sharing practices can save time and headaches. This could mean confirming PDFs as the chosen format and introducing file conversion tools. PDFs will help you to retain quality and can be merged easily, reducing the number of attachments you have to send.

  • Reskilling: If you or your team don’t quite possess the expertise to undertake all of a client’s requests, it may be a good idea to consider reskilling. Thanks to remote learning, it’s now possible to fit business studies around a full-time job or other commitments, and with your business bachelor’s degree, you’ll be able to contribute more effectively to the project. These can be earned in just 5 weeks without ever needing to step foot on campus.

With so many businesses operating in the digital space, the standard of work is higher than ever. If you want to stand out and fulfill your clients’ expectations, you’ll need to plan ahead, get educated, and bring in high-quality expertise.

Lauren Design is a design and social media marketing creative agency committed to delivering innovative and creative design solutions by making our clients’ visions come to life. We work with passionate entrepreneurs looking for online style guidance who are ready to take their businesses to the next level. Learn more at:


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