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Organically increase your Instagram followers using our most effective methods! 

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Increase Instagram likes and comments through beautiful content creation, optimal caption formatting, hashtag optimization, and daily engagement with your followers.


Grow your business with a monthly social media plan!

  • Reach a larger audience

  • Gain additional traffic, likes, follows, engagement

  • Entice more customers with a stunning feed

Improve Your Brand

We will be posting on your Instagram page frequently to maintain brand consistency, engagement, and content for your followers.


How Can Instagram Marketing Help Your Business? 

A strong Instagram presence can be what sets your business apart from your competitors. Having an online presence is a key component in the overall success of your new business since it is how most consumers discover new businesses or products.


  • Approximately 59% of internet users use Instagram as a social media platform

  • 60% of IG users say that Instagram is often where they discover new products/businesses 


Your customers want to see a personality behind your brand. Daily updates about your business and reposting content related to your niche will give your audience something to take away from your brand even when they’re not directly purchasing your services/products.


The time and effort that is spent managing your Instagram will be minimized with our services. Our Instagram management services include account monitoring, filler/content creation, frequent posting (both feed & story), audience growth, and more. 



We research and gather information about your business, competitors, and customers for optimal hashtag reach, engagement, and content.

Brand Identity


We post frequently to ensure your brand is constantly in front of an audience. 

Content Creation

We create stunning and visually appealing posts for your business to entice in new followers and perspective customers.


Check out our before & after comparison results with these featured business' Instagram pages.

Results after 1 week of using our social media management services for this cosmetic tattoo & lash bar.

+ 18285 reach

+ 33001 impressions

Current feed layout

+ 230 profile visits

+ 11 website clicks

Track our 2 week progress with this permanent makeup business & training account.

+ 23600 reach
+ 31108 impressions

Current feed layout

+ 616 profile visits
+ 50 website clicks

Check out our analytic comparison in just 1 week of taking over this cosmetic tattoo business account.

+ 9930 reach
+ 14185 impressions

Current feed layout

+ 230 profile visits

Check out some of our other feed layout designs!

Permanent Makeup Artist Account

Cosmetic Tattoo & Lashes Studio Account

Monthly Social Media Plans

*all prices are listed in usd


*all prices are listed in USD

Setup Fee: $35.00 (one-time fee)

  • Applicable to all accounts that require a feed layout change

  • Feed style planning

  • Ongoing drafts & edits 

  • Font selection, theme selection

  • Filler creation & research/rewording

  • Account research

Photo/Video Editing Fee: +$50.00/month

  • Editing work posts

  • Before & after collage, adding logo, etc.

  • Facial smoothing, blemish correction, etc.

  • Cutting, adding font, applying transitions & themes, etc.

Influencer Outreach Fee: $50.00

​We connect with influencers on Instagram 

to have them bring your brand to their audience

Highlight Covers: $35, +$25.00 w/ plan

  • Includes 2-3 designs to choose from

  • Includes up to 8 categories, $2/category after that


Info Pages: $5/page, $3/page w/plan

  • Includes 1 design based on the highlight cover chosen

  • Price lists, aftercare info, policies, etc.

Contests/Giveaway Management: $35.00, +$25.00 w/ plan

  • Includes Giveaway posts & story content creation

  • Daily active Giveaway promotion

  • Increased account monitoring to increase exposure for giveaway

  • Includes entry counting & random raffle draw

  • Giveaway winner post & story content creation

  • Emailed report with giveaway activity results


Step 1: Once you have decided on a monthly package that is best suited for you and your brand, you will receive a basic questionnaire to fill out so we can get an idea of your brand, demographic, and goals for your Instagram. From there, we will research and gather information about your business, competitors, and customers for optimal hashtag reach, engagement, and content.

Step 2: We will create a series of example fillers & content for you to approve & critique so we can get a better understanding of the visual presentation you are hoping to achieve.

Step 3: Once filler themes have been approved, we will begin to implement our research into your feed posts and story shares.

Step 4: We will continuously swap hashtags in our frequent postings so that they are relevant and trending to ensure optimal reach, as well as engage daily in any existing groups that you may be participating in.

"I'm extremely impressed with Kayley's professionalism, initiative, and overall work ethic. She took over my business's Instagram about a week ago and has since drastically improved my insights, audience reach, and analytics. I'm mostly grateful for the extra time that I get to spend with my family and on myself instead of constantly working on my social media. Thank you Kayley! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
- Pretty In The City
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