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Mastering the Perfect Voluminous Blowout at Home

My hair is extremely long; but it's thin, damaged, and doesn't tend to hold hairstyles after a few hours. This is especially upsetting when I spend a good 30 mins to 2 hours trying to perfect a voluminous blowout, only to have it fall flat shortly into my night. My new foolproof blowout routine is super big, voluminous, and lasts all night long. This method will work well with thick hair too, it'd just require less teasing (if any). Read on to learn my secrets!

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Step 1: Wet hair is a must!

I've attempted blowouts with dry hair as a base, but I've quickly learned that starting with damp/wet hair is essential for getting that natural bouncy volume so that we can use the moisture from the roots to push them up when we blow dry. If you don't have time to jump in the shower, I've achieved the exact same results by spritzing my hair all over with a spray bottle filled with water.

Step 2: Hair products are your friend


Ensure you're using a good detangler to brush out any knots prior to blowdrying. Your hair is at it's weakest when wet, so be sure not to pull and brush too hard.

Volume Spray

Once brushed, I like to apply a volume spray generously to the roots. Don't be afraid of the results looking greasy; this is where we'll get all that bounce and volume.

Blowout Cream

A good blowout cream should protect your hair from heat, keep your frizz at bay, and help to create that 'movie star' shine.

Heat Protectant Spray

If your blowout cream doesn't provide protection or you'd just like an extra layer of protection, a heat protectant is a must. You wouldn't reach into a hot oven without an oven mitt on, right? So, don't apply heat to your hair without protection!

What happens to your hair when you skip heat protectant?

Skipping heat protectant can result in hair damage from heat styling, such as dryness, breakage, split ends, and decreased shine. When you apply heat to your hair, the high temperature puts your delicate strands in distress, burning the follicles and thinning out your hair over time. Essentially, heat protectant acts as an added barrier between your hot tool and the strands themselves.

Step 3: Rough Blow Dry

Flipping your head over, roughly blow dry your roots and ends to activate the volume spray. Blow drying the roots with your head facing the ground will help to lift the roots, since they're drying upwards rather than flat if you were to just blow dry with your

head upright.

Step 3: TEASE!

This next step is optional, but I find it key to maintaining the volume and shape of the hairstyle all night long. I like to use a dry texturizing spray to tease, but you can also replace this with a dry shampoo or a hairspray -- you just need something for the tease to hold onto. I like to tease the entire front section of my head, and the back crown.

Step 4: Shape & Texture

Now that we've established the volume for the hairstyle, it's time to focus on the shape and texture. Both velcro rollers and a good blowout brush are crucial for this step. I've linked a few of my favorite products & tools down below.

I like to start with the front middle section, blowout each section away from my face, and set them in rollers in a mohawk style.

Once the mohawk is complete, I like to section each sides into 2: side back, and side front. These sections I like to curl inwards, towards my face.

Tip: only blowout the parts of the strands that aren't teased, so you can maintain the volume.

Step 5: Setting Your Curls

Be sure to allot enough time to leave your rollers in for a minimum of 30 minutes. I like to do my makeup during this time and get dressed. For evenings that I know I'll be out all night long, I like to let the rollers set for at least an hour. Don't forget to remove your clips before pulling out your rollers!

Tip: Before pulling, make sure that the rollers aren't stuck to any outside strands or else you'll get a tangled mess.

Once all the rollers have been taken out, I like to apply a good hairspray to lock in the shape. Then I like to smooth out the tease with a soft bristled brush.

Finish it off with frizz-fix cream to tame any flyaways. Be sure to apply very little cream at this point because you don't want to weigh down all that volume that we just created.

And Voila! You're done!

You can find all product links here. Check out the full tutorial as well below!

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