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4 Real Ways That I Make Money From Home

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

... and you can too!

1. Freelancing my Hobbies

Master your interests and you will reap great rewards in the future. - Kayley Lauren

I began designing logos and websites as a hobby and started getting a little more serious with it when a friend wanted to pay me to help brand her business. We all have to start somewhere, right? She then referred me to another friend, and word began spread from there!

Whatever you enjoy doing in your spare time, I guarantee there's a way for you to make money from it -- you just have to market yourself properly and believe in the product/service that you're selling.

If you're a baker, create a local delivery baking company!

Jewellers and artists, create an Etsy shop!

There are a variety of platforms that you'll be able to host your small business from at an affordable rate depending on what your business is! Wix, Etsy, Squarespace, Shopify, Ebay, and Poshmark are some available platforms you can check out to name a few.

2. YouTube

Now this option is definitely not going to pay the bills unless you suddenly become YouTube famous, but I do make a decent $100-200 monthly from my YouTube channel with very minimal YouTube uploads.

I think to really make some real dough from YouTube, you do have to be extremely committed to your craft and CONSISTENT with your postings. Not only that, but you have to make unique and original content that people actually want to watch by either entertaining them or educating them (or both!)

I originally created my YouTube channel to bookmark the important milestones with my boyfriend who also had a love for vlogging and YouTube. But I also am an extremely big fan of DIYs and saving money especially since living on my own at 16...... (more on that in definitely another article!), so I thought why not create tutorials to help girls like me with their beauty needs? And I've had quite a few successful videos which are still making me money to this day!

I'm definitely a trial and error type of girl, and unfortunately my poor hair had to suffer the repercussions of this for all 4 of my high school years and then some. From Blonde, to Red, to Black, to Brunette, to Pink (my current color) -- I've done it all, and you can watch all my box dye/drug store product trials and tribulations, and learn from my mistakes!

3. Rev

Rev is a speech-to-text transcription & caption company that hires freelance workers to caption or transcribe videos from the comfort of their own homes.

The Pros

What I love most about working for Rev is the flexible hours, variety of videos, and weekly payments.

Flexible Hours: You can literally work as much or as little as you want to, they don't have a minimum hour requirement.

Video Variety: You can caption videos from 30 seconds to 60 minutes long. Video topics range from YouTube videos (ex. vlogs, pranks, challenges, tutorials, etc.), College/University Lectures, Cable TV shows, Business Courses, and more.

Weekly Payments: I got paid through PayPal every Monday which was nice because in any outside minimum wage job I've worked at, pay was typically bi-weekly.

The Cons

However, there is a slightly difficult hiring process and you will be asked to complete a grammatical test as well as a training video.

Other downsides of working for Rev are that weekends can get super busy, and you don't get access to as many videos as you would during the week. This can get annoying because you really want to maximize your time when captioning, and sometimes when you end up with limited videos, you end up with audio that becomes extremely difficult to understand.

Another downside to being a Revver is that the pay is very minimal. If you are skilled in multiple languages, they do offer a higher pay rate for those transcribing from one language to another, but sadly I only speak English, so the captioning rate was my only option.

There is also a grading system in place, and your work will be graded by The Rev Admin Team. If you fall behind on your grades, you could get downgraded in your positioning at Rev, meaning you'll have very limited availabilities of videos to caption, or you could lose your job all together depending on how consistently bad your grades are.

The Conclusion

To sum it up, Rev is overall a great way to earn a little extra side cash when you need a little pick-me-up freelance work to do. You're probably sitting at home watching TV anyway, why not make some money off of it?!

4. Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to help businesses advertise their products. I make money through Instagram by partnering with local brands and businesses, and getting paid to post both story promotions and posts with their products.

Of course, our Instagram Management services are also how I'm able to make money whilst working from home. Our IG services focus not only on profile growth, but also increasing engagement on all posts, AND creating visually appealing layouts and designs to give our clients that extra polished brand identity. Read more information about our IG management services here.

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