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A strong Instagram presence can be what sets your business apart from your competitors. Having an online presence is a key component in the overall success of your new business since it is how most consumers discover new businesses or products.


  • Approximately 59% of internet users use Instagram as a social media platform

  • 60% of IG users say that Instagram is often where they discover new products/businesses 


Your customers want to see a personality behind your brand. Daily updates about your business and reposting content related to your niche will give your audience something to take away from your brand even when they’re not directly purchasing your services/products.


The time and effort that is spent managing your Instagram will be minimized with our services. Our Instagram management services include account monitoring, filler/content creation, frequent posting, audience growth, and more. 

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Instagram management
Colorful Digital Product Discount Mockup Template Email Header.png

Monthly Management Plans

All Instagram management plans are available on a month-to-month basis.
No minimum months required.
Start anytime, cancel anytime!

✓ Weekly postings
✓ Caption creation & hashtag optimization 
✓ Custom fillers made for your brand
✓ Reel editing
✓ Increased likes, comments, followers, reach, & impressions
✓ Daily participation & access to our engagement groups*
✓ Monthly reports

*Not included in plans, available to purchase as an add-on

Our Results...

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How It Works

1. Once you've selected the plan you'd like to try, we'll email over the following:

  • Design & Account Questionnaire

  • Month to Month Contract

  • Invoice

2. Based on your questionnaire answers, we design a layout for your Instagram page that will compliment your brand's style and include valuable, shareable filler content to help organically drive more traffic and shares for your account.

3. We will also have a shared app where you'll be able to upload your own photos for me to incorporate into the layout and posting schedule.

4. Once the layout has been approved on your end and we're finished setting up on our end, the posting begins! We post 4-7 times per week depending on the selected plan.

5. To renew your plan for the following month: The next month's invoice will be due exactly one month from the first date of posting on your Instagram account, and will be sent to you one week prior.


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